Keep Looking Forward


keep looking forward | Tatiana Soash edit / hand lettering | @tatianasoash  .JPG

Forget the past, what you used to do what you think you should do, what everyone else is doing. Look to the future to your best self. Who is she (or him)? What do you admire about her? What is is that makes you want to aspire to be that girl? For me I want to be original, distinct, different and light hearted and nice.

Pretty sure I got the light hearted and nice part down haha. I want to build a name for myself and in order to do that I have to do stuff differently than everybody else. I can’t post what I think a typical ‘graphic designer / hand letterer’ should post, I can’t make the type of stuff anybody can make. I have to stand out.

From that I hope people make a connection to my work and I hope each graphic, quote, piece, brings something a little different to each person that sees it. And I hope it inspires in some way. That is my ultimate goal, So I’ll keep looking forward, to my best self, to all my goals and to where I wanna be, working hard and enjoying every minute.

The above is a visual representation of all this chatter.

The below is a little look behind the process of creating it.

keep looking forward | tatiana Soash | edit / hand lettering | @tatianasoash

nice talking xx email me with your thoughts or to talk some more!

with love,
Tatiana Soash