Bonjour, Bonjour, a little edit and some words


The fun thing about edits (cool word for collages) is you can turn a normal photo into a piece of art, transform it to any part of the world, or mood you are feeling or to communicate what ever you have on your brain. The meaning behind this one?

I want to travel the world and hear new new languages and sit in cafes and sip coffee, followed by wine on a rooftop hours later. I want all of these things, but sometimes its not possible right in this moment. So, for now, this is my way of being there, expressing my desire, envisioning myeslf there.

bonjour, bonjour. | tatiana soash | @tatianasoash

Sundays and coffee and the sun and him and you. The him is my husband the you is my twin sister. Both complete me and make me feel most like myself. All things combined makes me one happy girl. The rest is meant to communicate that I want to create with you, dream with you, whoever you are. Clients, connections, friends, other creatives, lets create together, let’s dream together. Because that is the best kind of dreaming.

let's dream together | tatiana soash | @tatianasoash

Remember, you can always email me to ask questions, or just to connect! Seriously, I would love to hear from you!

with love,
Tatiana Soash