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My favorite clients are girls building their dream biz, something that was born out of passion and has evolved into business. 

Thanks for supporting me living my dream life. I can't believe I get to create with you and call that "work"

My mission and purpose is to inspire people through words and visuals; quotes that communicate creating a life you love and visuals that evoke emotion. Originality and creativity are the heart and soul of what is delivered with every graphic, art piece, post, interaction and presence.

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and keeping up with the gram. I'm here to make your creative dreams come true! Thanks for stopping by!

Twin, wife, coffee lover, sun lover, needer of inspo, and def all about aesthetic. I work from my little home office/”studio” in a Los Angeles suburb, my days are filled with everything from exciting client work to creating just for fun and everything in between... fancy coffee recipes (check out my IG hehe), cocktails, catching the sunset, lovin my  hubs and my baby girl,

Graphic Designer. Hand letter. Artist

Tatiana  Soash

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