October 2018: Resources for Creativity and Inspiration on the Daily.


What is creativity? Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. the work wants to be made and wants to be made through you. – Elizabeth Gilbert

Creativity and inspiration are tricky little things. You never know when they will strike but you need them to keep your work fresh and uniquely you. With the amount of content we are expected to produce, inspiration cant always just strikes whenever it wants. Whenever I need it and it seems to be no where to be found, I turn to this list of resources to try and get it going.

Here is my list of my current favorite resources for getting creativity and inspiration on the daily.

Tatiana Soash | resources for creativity and inspiration - October 2018

links for the above:

Big Magic, brookartstudio presets, Karlycakesss presets, my Pinterest, insta retreat e-course, smitten planner 1, smitten planner 2, inky press, letters from a hopeful creative, pen

with love,
Tatiana Soash