When I was first starting out I had NO idea what I should charge and what I needed to deliver to my clients. Here is what I did to figure it out!

  1. Ask others in your niche what they deliver for a specific job. Ex: What do you deliver when in a “branding package” 
  2. Ask others in your niche how they communicate with their clients and if they have anytips in streamlining project communication
  3. Ask others in your niche how much they charge and what that rate includes. (similar to #1 but also asking about rates)

You will be surprised how much others are willing to help!

This is great for establishing industry standards and for getting a feel of what works best for others.


Be sure to do what is best for YOU. What feels best for YOU. Let others INFORM your decision but not DICTATE IT.


When I first started I was all about time. Thinking about an hourly rate, how long a project would take me then pricing accordingly. That was a great place to start and really help me established a baseline and get work because I had an affordable rate. Don’t be scared to start a little low in the beginning – the experience you gather will be worth it in the end!

Now I price based off of VALUE not TIME. My time spent is irrelevant- what matters is what my client is getting, and what a fair price is for that result. By switching to this I was able to create some packages that allow me to maximize profit, minimize time but still deliver BIG VALUE.

So that being said, don’t be afraid to start a little low and then once you have some work under your belt and feel like you have a solid foundation change your rates based on VALUE.

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Tatiana Soash

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