So you have decided you are going to DO THE DAMN THING, chase that dream. Make your day dream your day job. How do you get that first client or beyond that your dream client. The right clients that value your work and are your people. 

HERE IS WHAT I DID AND IM SO HAPPY I DID IT. I created MOCK projects. PROJECTs that weren’t for “real” clients but were the type of work I wanted to do. Share these on socials, and even put them in your portfolio. They are still work you have done!

Here is an example:

I knew I wanted to do logos that matched my aesthetic, but how do I build a portfolio or share the type of work I want to create without having any clients?

Instead of just waiting for clients to come to me, I did this before I had any, and I am so happy I did!

What I did…

I created a logo page filled with a hand full of MOCK logos. These logos aren’t real, they are ones I created just for fun, and I am so happy I did!! I put them on Pinterest and was able to attract clients that wanted logos similar to these fake ones I created. Also, I was able to use them on my logo info page (here) so that clients can reference them, so I get a good idea of what work of mine they are drawn to, making it easier for us to create together!

HER is another example:

I wanted to do coffee cup designs so I created this “mock project” and look what it turned into!


You never know who will see your work, what it will spark, who they will tell. Social media is so powerful in that way… you are able to shout to the world – this is what I want to do and the universe will help you achieve it!

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with love,
Tatiana Soash

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