So it’s no surprise that having a badass website can do so much for your biz.

It can make your life 10x easier by having laid out processes, forms etc that can cut down on back and forth, limit emails and streamline projects to make your life way easier.

It can showcase your work, prompt whatever you want your customer to do. Bring in sales and clients and increase your overall income.

It can communicate who you are in the industry, what visually represents you and your style and give your audience a look at YOU.

It can give you clout and make people realize – who she is legit!

…the list goes on and on.

SO, that being said how do you get a BADASS site without spending a fortune?

Something I love for those just starting out is TEMPLATES.

Purchasing a website template can make your website launch process so much more seamless. And if you are new to whatever platform you decide on, you get to learn it from relatable experts.

Here are my favorite templates!

The styled square SQUARESPACE templates 

Saffron ave SHOWIT templates

SHOPIFY Templates – haven’t found a good template shop for shopify. Please email me if you know of any!

Which platform should you choose?


Best for product based businesses


User friendly 

Everything in one place (no need to connect outside apps)

Easy to learn

Some design limitations


So powerful in design

Visually stunning

Requires some “tech” knowledge

Requires app connections

I love the template route because your foundation is built for you and all you need to do is come in and make it your own. Plus you get to learn about the platform of your choice from cool girls just like you – not from youtubing a million things and reaching online forums.

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with love,
Tatiana Soash

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