DIY your aesthetic packaging for shareable unboxing experience


We all know having aesthetic packaging is a MUST for online shops. Packaging that inspires sharing can boost your brands visibility, incentivize purchasing, and really immures your customer in your brand experience… So how do we get it without breaking the bank? I put together a little list of ideas below to show you how you can get that branded look with some easy and affordable DIY hacks!

BIGGEST HACK – stamps!

I absolutely love how affordable stamps are the the versatility they give to your brand. You can buy a handful of aesthetic stamps and really take your “sharableness” to the next level!

Purchase a mailer pack from Uline or amazon and a large stamp from and make that mailer something people want to take a picture of and share. Personally, I feel an aesthetic quote always does the trick 😉

Things you can stamp:

Retail bags, mailers, boxes, note cards, tissue paper, coffee cups, notebooks, envelopes… sky is the limit!

STICKERS- is super affordable when it comes to stickers. And just like stamps these are great to stick all over mailer boxes, closure for tissue wrapped things and even to include IN the order. And you can even print your own stickers! sticker paper is soo affordable and when you placing it on packaging, people will barely notices the difference.

So if you are just starting your brand and want to create a shareable unboxing experience without breaking the bank, try these hacks and see what you can create!

P.S. this is also great for established brands that want to do a run of special packaging for holidays or just for fun!

and don’t forget to contact me if you need help with the actual designs 😉

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with love,
Tatiana Soash

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