IN CASE you need to be told, i love flat lays. I think they display products in such a unique way really show detail while still keeping the “lifestyle” element. I love getting creative and using additional props you might not think would work and testing those boundaries. Images with dynamic elements catch creatives eyes so much more than a typical plain flat lay, it takes it out of a “product shot” type look and into a “stylize art” type look. Shadows, texture, props and lighting all play a huge roll in creating the perfect flat lay.

@tatianasoash x @rebeccatorresjewelry collab

TEXTURE – a cheap white sheet is an easy way to create this! the subtle ripples or imperfections make each photo different and serve as a simple, clean yet textured background. 

tatiana Soash - the perfect flatly props | peach aesthetic

THE SHOT – I use a canon DSLR then edit in Lightroom and on my phone. In light room sharpen what I am trying to highlight with the brush tool then adjust the lighting, warmth, contrast and saturation. Then in VSCO I use a filter and edit the size, saturation. and even sharpen some more.

tatiana soash | the perfect flat lay props | miraval

SHADOWS – going a long with lighting, shadows are everything to me. It adds a whole new element to a photo that is so natural and captivating! If I come across a shop that has a glass I think will make a cool shadow, I buy it immediately. My cupboards are filled with one off glasses, stocking up on props is so important. This is also why I love working in the sun, it makes the most beautiful shadows!

tatiana soash | the perfect flat lay props | cherry aesthetic

LIGHTING – I love shooting in direct sunlight, outside, on the ground or on a table. I just love the way a bright photo catches the eye and gives a boring product new life. All I use is natural light and a reflector once in a while, other than that, the sun is my lightbox! 

PROPS – My current favs are fruit, wine glasses, wine, gold jewelry and magazines and books and flowers (specifically baby’s breath). I love the different textures each bring and how they come together to create a “lifestyle” look

tatiana Soash | the perfect flat lay props | pink aesthetic | flowers

DO THE BEST WITH WHAT YOU GOT – I currently live in a tiny one bedroom duplex in a suburb of LA with my husband. I don’t have a lot of space or money, so i use our outdoor patio as my studio. I have no idea what people driving by must think seeing sheets and clothes and props all over the concrete and me standing on my tippy toes to get the right shot…. but I hope they think “damn that girl is really making it happen”

FINAL WORDS – Don’t forget to always put YOU in your work, your unique aesthetic is what will get you noticed, remembered, recognized and creates your brand identity. And don’t forget to think outside of the box!

with love,
Tatiana Soash