The Key to Solid Branding – for graphic designers or anyone looking to DIY your own brand


Whether you’re a graphic designer just diving into offering branding as part of your services, or a biz owner looking to DIY your own branding… it can be hard to know where to start!

Here is ONE BIG THING I have found has been a game changer for developing a solid branding from the start!

It’s THIS questionnaire I have all my clients fill out before we do anything.

THE QUESTIONNAIRE really helps me get a feel of the clients vision right form the beginning. From this questionnaire – I develop a brand discovery where I take the questionnaire and put it into visual form putting my own twist on their answers, and honing in on the visual inspo for colors, logos, typography etc.

Feel free to steal the questions if you are in need of a starting point for your clients, or answer the questions yourself if you are a biz owner looking to DIY your branding. You will see your vision will become more refined and you will have a direction to head in!

Happy creating!

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with love,
Tatiana Soash

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