Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about how I get clients and make money!! Here are some quick answers and info on my biz and what the heck I do and how I make that mulahhhhh

First off -I feel like it’s really tacky to tell you how much I make, but let’s just say 2020 has been amazing financial wise… I am soooo excited with the amount of money I have been able to bring in and my projected income for this year!! Here are all the ways I make $ and how I bring in those clients and projects!

Here is a video I filmed in October of 2020 with more about how I make that $!!

  1. PINTEREST – broken record I know, but most of my clients find me on Pinterest and reach out to me after they find me there. I do think my creativity and personal elements of my INSTAGRAM help so those clients that I am a real person and that I am the type of person they would enjoy working with, so I think both work well to bring clients in. – go to my pins and steal my descriptions!

  2. PROJECTS – Most of my $ comes from client projects… If you want to know exactly the types of projects I do, go to my homepage and look at the slider and it will give you all that info!

  3. DIGITAL SALES – my IG theme course + PNGs

  4. ETSY – selling digital save the dates on etsy has been a game changer. It’s quick and easy, just a template I update with the couple’s hand lettered names… Takes me 10 mins and makes me $40. I also do suites – That is also a template that I just update with their details and thats $180

  5. MORE ABOUT PINTEREST – my pins that do the best are pins I did just for fun. Fake logos to show people what I can do and the types of logos I want to create. It attracts those clients that want what you love to create.

  6. COMMUNITY – I am open to any project that I feel fits my work and vibe. From big well known companies to a mom that wants their child’s name hand lettered. I think keeping myself open in that way, helps bring in small easy projects and bigger more complex, it’s a great balance and helps me connect with my community.

My biggest “advice” would be to start creating work you would love to do, and put it on Pinterest. If you want to create really cool packaging boxes. Then create on just for fun. go to creative market and download a box mockup so you can mock up what it would look like IRL. Then share it on Pinterest with the right keywords (you can steal mine)… share your process on IG stories. You can even pay to promote that pin on Pinterest (I periodically do $5 a day for 3 days) $15 goes so far!! … People searching for cool packaging design will see it. Make sure you have your name in the title of the pin and make sure it links back to your website or somewhere they can contact you. Do this over and over and I’m pretty sure emails will start coming in with work you actually want to do!

with love,
Tatiana Soash

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