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Last week I finished up a super fun logo project with the amazingly talented Dana Martin. She’s a photographer, biz owner, model, mama and all around girl boss. She needed some help bringing all her brands together and wanted to do that through logo, some branding and a little IG theme that would help her transition between her work content, personal content and modeling content.

Recently, I decided to increase my rates, which was a really hard thing to do. This was my first project getting paid my new rate and I have to tell you it made SUCH a difference. Knowing I am being compensated for my time, creativity etc. really allowed me to put in time and my whole heart into the project. Without worrying that I had to move on to the next project or worrying that I am putting to much time in, really made a difference. I also created a logo page with a logo “menu” you can see it here. And because I really planned that out and made it so intentional, that has made such a big difference as well.

Anyways, here is the proj! Email me with any questions or to work together!


logo creation process | @tatianasoash


logo process @tatianasoash

And on a side note, before creating the logo page and increasing my rates, I was sooo confused as to the best way to deliver and present logos to clients. Now that the packages include moodboards, colors, fonts and a brand board, It makes it way easier to ease into the process with clients. They create a Pinterest board, then fill out a questionnaire… From there I develop moldboard, colors, mock ups and I present those first. It takes the client through the full vision and makes the logo way more easy to understand and love.


For potential clients, I hope this has given you a peak into my process. For other designers I hope this is helpful if you are thinking of raising your rates or are wondering how to present logo work to clients.

Would love to chat more!! Email me to work together or with any questions!


with love,
Tatiana Soash
  1. Artbyher2 says:

    Can you do for me a logoo❤️

  2. jessica says:

    que linda! Poderia me informar qual fonte usou?

  3. zoe mawby says:

    What is the written font, i love it!

  4. fatema alzaabi says:

    Can you do for me a logoo??

  5. Beth says:

    How much do you charge please email me @ bethb1348@gmail.com

  6. Arjun says:

    ANGRY BIRD photography logo

  7. Wiz wash leaning ompNyani ersery says:

    Wizwash cleaning products aniversery logo plz

  8. Wiz wash leaning ompNyani ersery says:


  9. Wiz wash leaning ompNyani ersery says:


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