My Top Tech/ design tools 2020


My design / office tools 2020 (well almost 2020)

When I was first looking into doing design I would stock my fav designers for the tools they use – So I thought I would share my tech tools with you!!

@tatianasoash | tech/design tools | www.tatianasoash

My business right now consists of so many different arenas!

I do…

Graphic design (general stuff like IG stories, newsletters…)

Website updates to make them more pretty!

Logos and branding

IG themes

Wedding save the dates and invitation suites through my etsy shop.

Custom lettering for graphic tees and other products

Custom Collages… & more!

Here are my current and top tech tools I use on the daily!

@tatianasoash | top tech/ design tools 2020 |

@tatianasoash | top tech/ design tools 2020 |


Christmas 2017- I asked for a Mac for christmas from my husband’s family. I put it out there (so scary) that I was looking to take on freelance clients outside of my 9-5 , which was terrifying to say out loud. But I did and they gave me one!! This literally changed my life. If gave me the one tool necessary to take on clients outside of my Job. My next purchase was the adobe creative cloud that I pay for monthly (with this you get access to alllll adobe cc programs. Photoshop, illustrator, Indesign, premier…. you name it. Best decisions I ever made. 100% worth the investment.

Top apps with my Mac that I use daily


For all branding and most graphic design, IG themes + etsy orders!


For all photography!


for graphic tee vectors and some wedding stuff!

And final logo designs.

IPad Pro + Apple Pencil

Top apps that I use daily


I love using the mask tool for collages! I love to collage on there and it is so great for design on the go. Especially for creative instagram stories and creating custom PNGs

@tatianasoash | top tech/ design tools 2020 |


For all my lettering!

Blacklist studio has my favorite brushes! I did the lettering from the first image in this post with those brushes!

I also love to sketch and trace on procreate! Hoping to do a procreate tutorial soon on YouTube!

The only thing that is not great about the iPad Pro is you can’t get adobe products on it at the moment. So if you need to use like photoshop but you wanna work at a coffee shop… it’s a no go. So depressing. Hoping there will be an update soon on the adobe end to fix this

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Canon D77

Just bought this cam and lovveee it already. I’m so excited to start exploring photography! I feel like I am so over my iPhone and wanna take it to the next level.

Lightroom preset – I have soooo many!! There are a lot of great ones on creative market and influencers sell them as well.


EFS 18-55 MM lense / 50mm lense 1:1.8 stm

Other photo editing apps I love

  • Afterlight for cool effects

  • Tezza app for cool grain, dust and effects

THAT’s IT! DM me if you have any questions at all!

with love,
Tatiana Soash